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Sam Marlow started his songwriting journey at The BRIT School as a student in the music department. It was at Brit that Sam wrote his first song; the trees which lined the outskirts of the building outside his classroom window reminded him of his home, which he left at sixteen. Out of this came the song Back Home. Since that song, Sam became hooked on the process of songwriting; he has since written hundreds of songs throughout his writing career and has become one of this country's leading songwriting educationalists. As well as teaching at The BRIT School, Sam has lectured at universities, spoken at songwriting conventions, and led many songwriting workshops in London. Sam now holds a master's degree in songwriting and believes that anyone can become a successful songwriter. This online training course walks you through the art and craft of songwriting, by embracing learning you will no doubt, in time, be able to wield a vast array of tools to create a unique and authentic songwriting voice. The one-off payment will give you access to all 12 episodes of this song writing training course with one of the country's leading songwriting educationalists. A Songwriting workbook will be emailed to you after you've purchased this content.